The Ongoing One

Laura Drury – Head of Marketing at THRIVE – recently joined THRIVE to focus on building their momentum and getting the THRIVE brand in front of more eyes than ever before. Laura has been in the technology industry for around 10 years, covering just about every part of marketing along the way, and has a real passion for storytelling and authentic connections. When she’s not working she’s trying to keep her sanity whilst parenting 3 small but very rambunctious boys.

Helen Marshall – Head of Learning at THRIVE – her role like THRIVE, is multifaceted. She leads their team of content designers, and oversees the content they create as they strive to be responsive to the needs of their clients. Helen also works very closely with their Content Club and platform customers to figure out exactly how the content, campaigns and pathways can be used in the flow of customers’ work to support their people. She’s worked vendor-side for around 8 years now, prior to which she started and never finished an Art History PhD – instead she was distracted by numerous tech-based projects, teaching, and writing about stuff that wasn’t her research, and accidentally fell into the world of digital learning. She likes to get stuff done and believes that change always starts with you.


Show Links


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I was fed up with companies using International Women’s Day to brag – so I set up a Twitter bot to expose their pay gaps

Flexible working

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Flexible working during the pandemic and beyond

Why We Need to Be Parenting Loudly

Young Women’s Trust

Code with Zeal


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