The Imposter Syndrome One

This is special because it’s not your usual version of the podcast. A typical episode of Women Talking About Learning has two women speaking and sharing. For this episode it is 25 women’s voices sharing their thoughts, feelings, approaches and tactics to Imposter Syndrome.

The star contributors for this episode are:

  • Dr Sara Thompson
  • Jayne Harrison
  • Taruna Goel
  • Stella Collins
  • Joan Keevill
  • Katharina Hill
  • Mersiha Kovacevic
  • Laine Istvan
  • Michelle Parry Slater
  • Coral Condeco-Dunachie
  • Dana James Edwards
  • Michelle Kaye
  • Laura Coulter
  • Karen Bailey
  • Jayne Davids
  • Dr Hannah Gore
  • Tabatha Dragonbery
  • Nikki Hobson
  • Martine Bolton
  • Tammy Matsumoto
  • Krystyna Gadd
  • Gemma Paterson
  • Gretchen Johanson
  • Christine Lior Locher
  • Alex Watson

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