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This week’s guests are Caroline Bennett-Jarvis and Egle Vinauskaite.

Caroline Bennett-Jarvis has over 20 years experience  as a human resource development practitioner; she is a committed humanitarian and an avid lifelong learner, currently managing and producing digital educational content for the US market. Originally from England, Caroline initially was formally educated in contemporary art, design, and craft, where she has been able to transcend her critical innovative thinking abilities into the corporate world in Barbados, her home for the past 22 years.  Her career path in L&D has been more vocational and experiential despite recently achieving MSc in Leadership and Human Resource Management accompanied with a dual CMI certification in Strategic Leadership and Management and currently pursuing CIPD qualification in Human Resource Development. Subsequently and as a result, her studies have been a valuable addition to a continuously exciting, growth oriented, professional and personal life fulfilling journey.


Egle Vinauskaite is a learning consultant who helps household brands and innovative edtech startups create evidence-based, impactful digital learning solutions. She has worked with such brands as Facebook, HSBC, Santander, ACCA, as well as some of the most exciting startups and creative agencies around.

Egle is also the director of Skillbright Labs, a boutique edtech product development consultancy, and the Rising Star Award winner at the Learning & Performance Institute’s Learning Awards 2020. With a degree in Human Development from Harvard University, Egle specialises in applying adult development, behavioural economics and educational neuroscience principles to learning design.


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