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Tina Dreisicke is Agile Learning Professional and Co-Founder at mevolute – natural learning and technology.  She has a background in the field of education science and is rooted in the topic of human centred innovation. For many years she worked as an innovation consultant and designed learning experiences on agile ways of working. With her new company she supports and accompanies larger companies on the way to a holistic learning culture. Her favourite social media channel is LinkedIn and she likes to publish on the mevolute blog from time to time 

MIchelle Parry-Slater is the author of ‘The Learning & Development Handbook‘ and an award winning forward thinking Learning & Development professional.  Michelle’s focus is on ‘How to Do’ better workplace learning and  wants us to stop sticking plaster learning solutions. Michelle thinks we should dig into systemic and cultural issues which will enable L&D solutions to gain better traction and enable success.

Show Links

Can Rainy Days Really Get You Down?

Learning through reflection: the critical role of reflection in work-based learning (WBL)

Getting started with Reflective Practice

The use of QR codes in Education: A getting started guide for academics


Challenging Frontiers

Julie Drybrough

Rachel Burnham


Thinking Environment

Meg Peppin

Human Centred Design

To sit or stand when teaching online


Towards a Working Theory of Learning: The Affective Context Model

Second LIfe

Microsoft Teams for Education

10 reasons face to face meetings are more important than we think

Role modelling—making the most of a powerful teaching strategy

The Learning and Development Handbook by Michelle Parry-Slater


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