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This week’s guests are 

Kristen Hayden Safdie has done a little bit of a lot in learning, from managing 10-week online courses for members of an association to developing a tabletop card game to teach kids emergency skills. She currently works in finance, as she explains to her 6-year-old daughter, “helping people do their jobs the best they can”. 


Lorna Leeson created Little Tent, a Leadership Development and Executive Coaching consultancy, because she felt that that was a better way for work to work for humans. She partners CEOs and their teams to shift cultures, drive performance and create workplaces where people thrive. Empathy is a cornerstone value of her work –believing that when leaders lead with greater compassion for themselves and the people around them truly transformational things can happen.


Helen Hill is owner of UnlikelyGenius™️ Ltd and co-founder of environmental initiative Be The Future. She specialises in producing creative educational resources alongside delivering small business and sustainability coaching. Working predominantly in the wellbeing, mindset and environmental spaces, she has a strong focus on helping you, your business and the planet to thrive.

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Empathy Interviews

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