The Equality One


This episode features guests Gwen and Sarah who discuss their passion for equality. They discuss the topic of digital and technological barriers that prevent access to the internet for everyone, and the importance of taking creative and community-focused actions to address inequality. They also emphasise the importance of managers in creating a positive work environment and taking care of their staff. The benefits of having a diverse team are discussed, along with how it can be achieved with remote work.


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This week’s guests are Gwen Calmels and Sarah Smyth

Gwen is a French Learning Professional living in Dublin, Ireland. She has 6 years of experience in Learning and Development. She’s passionate about Learning, Equality and the Future of Work. She is currently a Learning Experience Designer at Salesforce

Sarah is a woman in tech, striving to make a positive impact. As a Client Success and Marketing Executive at First Media, she has worked with major companies to produce diversity, equality, and inclusion modules. With a warm and empathetic personality, Sarah’s passionate about bridging the digital divide and ensuring equal opportunities for all.

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