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For many years, Pilar Orti  has run her voiceover career in parallel to all her other ventures. She ran a small theatre company for ten years, and then became a trainer, facilitator and consultant. Her voiceover credits include the Spanish voice of the WiiFit and GoJetters’ Xuli.

She’s now also a podcast host, having been hosting the 21st Century Work Life podcast for Virtual not Distant for five years, and co-hosting My Pocket Psych and Facilitation Stories (IAF England and Wales).

Pilar’s now looking into how in-house podcasting can help companies create a sense of community amongst their dispersed employees. 

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Katelyn Dawn, as well as being a singer-songwriter who has been performing and recording her own songs since 2004, also has a background in digital media design  including web & graphic design and film and has been a freelance designer for years.

Katelyn decided to combine all her interests and dive into a career in voiceover in 2019. She built her recording studio in 2019 and sought out training at Edge Studio who are industry leaders in voiceover training. With over 16 years of experience recording and editing vocals, Katelyn has thousands of hours at the microphone singing and voice acting. Katelyn is interested in narrating eLearning because it is a unique area of voiceover where one can actively help people learn.









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